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Want to Sell More of Your Online Courses – on Autopilot?
With our step-by-step guidance, you can set up sales funnel in no time and start making money on autopilot without the hassle of figuring it all out for yourself.
This Course Can Be Yours For
 Just $500
Your Online Course is Great, 
You Have a Large Audience
& a Long Email List 
So why aren't you making a fortune?
You started creating online courses because you’re an expert in a particular field, and you love teaching it to people. Apart from that, it would be nice to make a buck or two while doing it! 

You've done masses of content marketing work and managed to generate impressive website traffic and a good email list. So, you’ve got the leads, and you’ve got great products, but you're still not earning as much as you could. 

It feels like something is missing.

There’s got to be a better way of converting all those visitors and leads to sales without the constant hassle of running daily promos and marketing campaigns.  

You need to turn your website visitors into leads and your leads into customers while increasing your customer lifetime value. 

You've heard about tripwires, upsells, and order bumps. You're dying to try out front-end funnels, back-end funnels, tripwire funnels, and webinar funnels, but you’re not quite sure how to build them or what order to build them in.

You understand the value of an automated funnel, but you’re worried it might take you ages to make it. 

You are overwhelmed and frustrated trying to figure it all out by yourself. 

Sound familiar? Read on...

Having a great funnel can make you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Take this opportunity to learn how to do it right.
Enabling online course creators to Sell More - On Autopilot 
Over the past few years (and after a LOT of A/B testing), we’ve refined a bulletproof system that uses automated funnels to sell more online courses to your existing visitors and leads. 

We’re super proud and thrilled to see that people are using it with great success and amazing results. 

Most course creators we spoke to tend to send out promo emails once a month. And then maybe when they have a new course to sell or on Black Friday or some other rare occasion. 

The rest of the time they just sit there hoping the folks on their email list will get off the couch and get in touch because after all, didn’t they tell them a month ago they had some courses just waiting to be bought. 

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you’re leaving money on the table.

The Goal For This Course
Is To Help You (Or Your Team Member)
! Not knowing what your ideal funnel should look like
! Not knowing how to set it up
! Losing sales
! Being frustrated

🗸 Knowing exactly what to do 
🗸 Having resources to do it fast
🗸 Knowing how to set it up
🗸 Driving you additional sales on autopilot every month
🗸 Feeling happy and calm inside
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This Course is yours for
Only $500
This could be you...
Seonaid is a friend of John's – the CEO of Data Driven Marketing and one of your course instructors. Seonaid has one of the most incredible online courses we've ever seen. Her materials and tips are excellent. However, her website was struggling to convert traffic into sales.

Excellent course, a bunch of visitors to the site… but disappointing sales.
We see this all the time. In fact, many top online course creators experienced similar struggles.

So John told Seonaid that there are a few simple things she could do to make more sales. For two months, he tried to get her to implement these ideas to improve her funnels. Instead, she just kept writing new courses.

John felt like a school teacher, nagging her to do her homework.
Then, one night, over a beer in the Royal Academy of the Arts in central London, he explained something to Seonaid that made her sit up straight and listen.

What did he say to make her react that way? Why was this so different from anything he’d said before? 

With a pen on the back of a beer mat, John had shown her the mathematical proof of just how much money she could make by building one of these funnels.

As soon as she saw how much more money she could be making on a monthly basis, she was over the moon!

That was it! Suddenly she was begging John to give her all tips he’d been trying to give her for the past two months!

The very next day she put one of his tips to the test.
The result? Seonaid worked for 10 minutes on her funnel and made $1,500. That’s $9,000 an hour!

What had been holding Seonaid back? 

Issue #1: She was worried she would annoy her subscribers and end up losing them

Issue #2: She didn’t have new courses to launch

Issue #3: She didn't know just how much money she could be making.

She is not alone in this. Many other course creators think the same way. And that’s OK. All three issues are solvable. Join the Funnel Accelerator course today and discover the solution yourself.
what our satisfied clients say
10% of attendees ended up buying, and we made thousands of pounds worth of sales in the first couple of weeks.
Rob Dix, The Property Hub
Data Driven Marketing helped us with our sales funnel, and we were able to increase revenue 50%.
Eszter Csala, Think Bold Studio
Let’s break it down.
Here's what you're really getting
with funnel accelerator
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS Explaining everything you need to know
  •  TEMPLATES Swipe files along with templates so it's quicker to do it step by step
  •  CHECKLISTS To be sure everything is set up right and you didn't miss anything
  •  EXAMPLES So you can see how it works in practice
  • ​SLACK CHANNEL To support you and answer questions
 We wanted to make this really affordable so you could start building your first funnel today. We normally charge $1000 for an Audit and $4000 per month for building funnels for people. 
That's well over $4500... FREE!
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)
This Course is yours for
only $500
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Meet Your Instructor

John Ainsworth

CEO & Founder of Data Driven Marketing 
John has been building automated funnels for over 10 years. He’s certified by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Digital Marketer. He’s helped online course businesses increase their revenue by 25-300%.
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